What is Stream & Its Types?

What is Stream & Its Types?

The flow of data from one point to another is called a stream. The point from where data is sent is called source and the point where data is received is called destination. There are different types of streams used for transfer of data. These are

Input stream
Output stream
Binary stream
Text stream



To read a particular text in the first way, you must: 1) know what kind of book you are reading, that is, understand its main subject. Next, you need to realize: 2) what is the main meaning of the book; 3) what semantic or structural parts it is subdivided into, and 4) what basic problems the author seeks to solve. This method also contains four steps and four rules.

Please note that the parts that you highlighted as a result of analyzing the whole on the first reading do not necessarily coincide with those parts from which you will form a holistic view on the second reading. In the first case, they will become a complex of factors that characterize the author’s attitude to the subject or problem. In the second, they will turn out to be terms, judgments and syllogisms, that is, the thoughts, statements and arguments of the author.


Understanding the author’s position always precedes criticism or evaluation of his text.


Source: ilbusca / istockphoto.com
Source: ilbusca / istockphoto.com



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