Independence Day of Azerbaijan 2022

Independence Day of Azerbaijan 2022

Azerbaijan celebrates a public holiday every year On May 28, since 1992, -and that is Independence Day, which is also known as Republic Day (Azerb. Respublika günü).


Independence Day of Azerbaijan = 28 May 2022


It was introduced by the National Council of Azerbaijan in 1918 for the declaration of independence of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR). On the same day, the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place in the hall of the former Palace of the Viceroy in the Caucasus in Tiflis (today Tbilisi).


However, in April 1920, units of the Red Army, have defeated the remnants of Denikin’s troops. They crossed the Azerbaijani border and entered Baku on April 28. Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (Azerbaijan SSR) on the territory of the ADR was announced on the same day. Independence Day of Azerbaijan


Inspite of the fact that the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic lasted only 23 months, still it had left significant marks on the history of national statehood. And the following years, showed up significant progress of country, which is marked by the bright events and great achievements of Azerbaijani people. All these efforts and achievements has created the economic, intellectual and cultural potential of today’s independent Azerbaijan.


One of the streets in Baku was named In honor of this event, and a stele with the text of the Declaration of Independence (in Arabic and Latin) was installed on Istiglaliyat (Independence) Street. Independence Day of Azerbaijan