Hungarian Revolution Day 1848

Hungarian Revolution Day 1848

Hungarians celebrate Revolution Day (1848) On March 15, and that is one of the national holidays.

Hungarian Revolution Day = 15 Feb 2022

Hungarians just want freedom from the power of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty, that later resulted into a war against Austria and its allies.


Actually the main demand of the Hungarians was independence of the press, and the establishment of a government in Pest. They also demanded the freedom from slavery, freedom of religion, the establishment of a national bank. (Hungarian Revolution Day)


As a result of many, conferences the Emperor Franz Joseph II have accepted most of the demands of freedom fighters. Hungarian Revolution Day


As a result, Austria and Hungary were established as sovereign parts of one state. At this time the Austrian emperor played a significant role in governing the country, that’s why people gave him the title of the “Hungarian king”. Then since 1918, Hungarian Revolution day began to be celebrated under the rule of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Hungarian Revolution Day