Teacher’s Day in Brazil

Teacher’s Day in Brazil

Teaching is a special profession that whoever chooses it should must be completely devoted to his work because he is responsible for the upbringing of new generation. Actually Teacher’s Day is a great occasion to pay tribute to our teachers for their devotion and hard work.

Teacher’s Day = 15 Oct 2022

In Brazil, Teacher’s Day is celebrated annually on October 15th every year.

On October 15, 1827, St. Teresa (Teresa d’Ávila) during the reign of Emperor Pedro I (Emperor Pedro I), issued the Decree on elementary education in Brazil and the main purpose behind this is to promote education in cities and villages. Teacher’s Day


But, unfortunately, the outline of this document remained on paper for 120 years. In 1947, Teacher’s Day was celebrated for the first in the city of Sao Paulo (San Paulo) in a primary school. Teacher’s Day


This date (15th October as teacher’s day) was actually suggested by Professor Salomão Becker.


In 1963, a law was passed at the state level, which ensures the status of Teacher’s day. Although it is an official holiday still people celebrates it by attending various festive events that are held in schools or any educational institute. The main purpose behind this is to express student’s gratitude for their teachers. They appreciate their teacher’s for daily hard work. Teacher’s Day