Argentina Independence Day

Argentina Independence Day

On July 9, 1816, the Declaration of Independence of the United Provinces of the Silver River (Argentina) takes place. This date is considered as the birth anniversary of the Republic of Argentina. On this day Argentina celebrates an official holiday – Independence Day (Independence Day in Argentina).

Argentina Independence Day = 9 July 2022

The territory of modern Argentina was ruled by the Spanish Empire since 16th century. When Napoleon conquer Spain and dethroned King Ferdinand VII, on May 25, 1810, the cabildo (council) of Buenos Aires established the Provisional Government Junta of La Plata, which has to rule on behalf of Ferdinand until he return back.


After a very long struggle, finally the National Congress, meeting takes place in Tucuman (Tukuman – a city in the north-west of Argentina), where national congress declared that the United Provinces of La Plata are now separated from Spain. Argentina Independence Day


Today, Independence Day is official holiday in Argentina and is widely celebrated throughout the country – solemn ceremonies are held in all cities and villages, during which the national flag is hoisted, festive services are held in temples. Also traditionally on this day military parades, concerts and performances of creative groups are organized, and all this ends with folk festivals and fireworks. Argentina Independence Day