Easter 2022 in Hungary

Easter 2022 in Hungary


Easter is one of the most significant religious holiday in Hungary. The devotees began to paint Easter eggs in all the colors of the rainbow on the eve of Saturday. It is customary to place small presents are near beds of sleeping children, so that they can find them in the morning.

Easter 2022 = 17 April 2022

Easter special breakfast includes Easter eggs, smoked ham, radish, lighted pancake and hot chocolate etc. Most of the people go to the church to offer prayer in the morning. They actually visit there in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


On Mondays, young people enjoy the traditional “spray”. Once, it was customary for boys to dip girls in buckets from head to toe, but these days they just spray perfume or cologne and demand kisses or painted testicles on Easter event.


It is customary to give presents to each other such as painted eggs, chocolate hares, and figurines of angels Easter 2022.