New Year 2022 in Azerbaijan

New Year 2022 in Azerbaijan

New Year is one of the most popular and significant holidays in Azerbaijan, dating back to the time of the existence of the Soviet Union and having all the attributes of a New Year festivity.


New Year 2022 = 1 Jan 2022


Actually January 1 and 2 are official public holidays in Azerbaijan.


Most of the population of Azerbaijan is Muslim, so the New Year is traditionally celebrated two times in a year. The first time according to the European tradition is January 1, the second time on the day of the vernal equinox (March 21) is the Nowruz holiday. New Year 2022


Normally in many countries – the former Soviet republics, the New Year in the republic is celebrated cheerfully on a large scale. New Year 2022

The basic attributes of this holiday includes Christmas tree and Santa Claus with Snow Maiden.. New Year 2022