Good Friday 2022 in Argentina

Good Friday 2022 in Argentina


In Argentina, Good Friday is celebrated on 15 April as a national holiday. Good Friday Commemorates the death anniversary of Jesus Christ on the cross and his burial. It is also celebrated as Black Friday or Holy Friday / Good Friday in Argentina.

Good Friday 15 April 2022

It is narrated that on this day Jesus was captured and had been taken for a mock trial. He was handed over to Roman soldiers who had beaten him and whipped him badly. The sharp, long thorns of the wreath that he had wear at this time were stuck into his head.


They forced Jesus to carry his cross outside the city to the hill (the place of execution -Golgotha). But Jesus was injured badly and feeling so weak that the soldiers asked Simon of Cyrene, who sympathized with Jesus, to carry his cross. Jesus was tied to the cross. Two other criminals (convicts) were also crucified with him Good Friday.


Christians believe that Jesus is with us he died to atone for our sins Good Friday.