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Islamic Calendar 2022 / Hijri Calendar 2022

Islamic Calendar / Hijri Calendar 2022

Today we are going to share with the islamic calendar 2022 or hijri calender 2022 here. Actually, as you are well aware, nowadays we are not using the islamic calendar that’s why most of us don’t know the current date of islamic calendar 2022 that’ why we have shared it. Let’s take a look into the Islamic Hijri calendar 2022


Islamic Hijri calendar 2022





CALENDAR – a system for counting long periods of time.

The name “calendar” is due to the fact that in ancient Rome the beginning of each month was proclaimed, and on the 1st of the month, debtors paid interest in accordance with entries in debt books.

The construction of a calendar is impossible without many years of astronomical observations and the development of mathematics. Various peoples developed their own systems of counting time, which reflected the peculiarities of local culture. In some countries, the calendar is based on the time interval between two successive moon phases of the same name (synodic month); such calendars are called lunar and are not associated with the change of seasons. In other countries, so-called. lunisolar calendars, which used a synodic month, but the length of the year was consistent with the change of seasons.

The periodic phenomena that underlie the calendar (the cycle of day and night, the phases of the moon, the seasons) determine the periods of time known as the day, month, and year. It is impossible to find an integer number of tropical years that would contain an integer number of synodic months and an integer number of mean solar days, since these three quantities are incommensurable. However, the number of months and days in a calendar year must be an integer, therefore, over the course of several millennia, numerous calendar systems have appeared that seek to resolve this contradiction.

The length of the tropical year underlying the solar calendar is about 365.24 days: a calendar year can contain either 365 or 366 days. The calendar must implement the rule of alternating simple (365 days) and leap years (366 days) years in such a way that the average duration of the calendar year for the cycle is as close as possible to the duration of the tropical year.