Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR / Iraqi Currency Rate in Pakistan

Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR

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Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR

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The system of currency exchanges was rather tightly controlled by government agencies. In particular, the exchange (senior) broker of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR was approved in his position by the government of Hesse. The Federal Government, represented by the Minister of Finance, in accordance with Section 1 Chapter 4 of the Stock Exchange Act, had the right to intervene in the work of the stock exchange in urgent cases, in agreement with the Minister of Economics and the Bundesbank. For example, if there was a threat of significant market instability due to external shocks or an internal crisis, it was possible to suspend trading for a certain time.

In the countries of Southern Europe in the post-war period, a policy of strict regulation of the domestic foreign exchange market was also consistently pursued in order to prevent internal financial Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR crises and minimize the consequences of adverse changes in the external economic situation. Greece had an organized interbank market in the 1980s for major convertible currencies Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR (excluding the US dollar). A special daily session was held in this market, where the fixing rates were the official rates for the respective currencies. In the same period, the country had a rule on the obligatory sale of foreign exchange earnings from exports to commercial banks within 90 days from the date of its receipt Iraqi Currency IQD to PKR.