Valentine’s Day 2022 in Azerbaijan

Valentine’s Day in Azerbaijan

Valentine’s Day – On February 14th, people send out millions of postcards with traditional hearts, roses, cats, kissing angels or pigeons. Every year on 14th Feb, Luxurious boxes of chocolates, red roses with metric stems, teddy bears, and touching bunnies, plush pillows with confessions and wishes, chains, and pendants are sell like hot cakes. On this day, many people give their hands and heart for their passion, and everything that comes with these gifts by default


Valentine’s Day = 14 Feb 2022

Azerbaijanis started recognizing about valentine’s day not so long ago – just a few years ago – and now they are also they are passionately celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’. However, not everyone still knows where this holiday originally came from. The official version is:


This holiday was introduced almost Eight centuries ago, the ancient Romans celebrated the February festival of Lupercalia in honor of the fecundating deity Faun Luperca. The highlight of the festive program was a kind of lottery: young men drew lots – pieces of paper with the names of young maidens. These girls became their girlfriends until the next lottery.

Much later, the Christian Pope Gelasius, wanting to get rid of pagan remnants, replaced female names with the names of saints and changed the rules of the game somewhat. Naturally, not everyone liked it. The wise pope, judging that canceling a festival (especially a youth one!) Is a difficult task, decided to modify it a little, transforming it into a Christian holiday. So, it was necessary to urgently find a replacement for Faun Luperk. The most suitable candidate for the pope seemed to be the holy martyr Valentine, who had the most direct relation to love. He was beheaded in ancient Rome by order of Emperor Claudius II. Valentine’s Day

The fact is that Claudius, who believed that family life is the lot of mature husbands, and not young men, issued a law forbidding these latter to marry. Like, let them go to war first, otherwise what kind of family man is a soldier. He will get used to sitting by the hearth near his wife and children – then you will not drive him out on a campaign. However, a priest named Valentine went against the will of the emperor, continuing to secretly marry those who wished. Upon learning of this, Claudius ordered to seize the disobedient and put him in prison. Valentine’s Day

According to one of the romantic legends, it was Valentine who was the author of the first love card. He fell in love with the jailer’s daughter (and she also fell in love with him) and on the eve of the execution he sent her a letter on which he wrote “From your Valentine.” Perhaps this story is just a figment of the romantic imagination. However, whatever the truth, the image of Valentine is invariably associated with heroism, sympathy for lovers, resilience and romance. That’s why this holiday in his honor has gained such popularity. to Valentine’s Day