Teacher’s Day in Argentina

Teacher’s Day in Argentina

In Argentina, Teacher’s Day (Argentina Teacher’s Day) is celebrated on September 11 every year and it is considered as a very important event for the whole country.

Teacher’s Day 11 September 2022

In fact, the entire nation celebrates Teacher’s Day as a national holiday. This day is significant not only for expressing your gratitude towards your teachers, but it also celebrated to commemorate the death anniversary of the former president of the country and the great educator – Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 1811-1888, who was called the Professor Al-Sadr. Teacher’s Day


President Sarmiento also established many primary schools in the country. During his tenure, many teacher training programs began, he Stand up for the creation of training schools for teachers. Teacher’s Day


Teacher’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays in Argentina.

Actually, a teacher is not only a person who provides knowledge but also a planter of the seed, that is eternal. Teachers carry out a special civic mission – educating the younger generation. Their knowledge and experience, their continuity of tradition and innovation are the foundation of every schoolwork. Teacher’s Day