Labor Day 2022 in Brazil

Labor Day in Brazil

Like many other countries around the world, Brazilian people also celebrate international solidarity day – “Labor Day” on May 1 every year. Officially this is a public holiday and a day off at the same time.

Labor Day = 1 May 2022

In Brazil, this day was first announced in 1895 at the initiative of the socialist center – Centro Socialista, which is founded in 1889 by activists Silvério Fontes, Sóter Araújo and Carlos Escobar.


Actually the basic purpose behind this holiday Labor Day 2022 is the guarantees the worker’s rights to a standardized working day with maximum wage, and social benefits.


The Ministry of Labor, o Trabalho Ministry was established during the years of Getúlio Vargas (1930-1945 and its responsibility is to consider some important issues such as the regulation of the working hours of women and workers, their right to leave and their pensions, the development of labor code etc.  On the same day the May Day holiday received the status of an official holiday Labor Day 2022.


On Labor Day day, actually the workers protest against military dictatorship to express their dissatisfaction with the existing regime.


People in Brazil love to play sports, and on extra holidays they enjoy jogging, snowboarding, playing volleyball or football (a soccer field is an integral part of even the smallest city in the interior of the continent).