Christmas Day in Belgium

Christmas Day in Belgium

Christmas Day In Belgium is one of the most significant Christian holidays that is celebrated in Belgium on December 25th.

Christmas Day = 25 December


Christmas Eve is considered as a most precious time of the year. Most of the people believe that, many miracles are going to happen in the middle of the night. In the era of the complete natural extinction, in the cold, dreary weather, those things have special significance that symbolize a new revival of nature. Therefore, branches that are evergreen or bloom in winter play an important role in the Christmas ritual. Such plants have a special life force, and in order to adopt this universal life force, people usually bring them in homes during the holidays or touch people and animals with them.


In Belgium, people took various precautionary measures to avoid the evil and vengeance of infernal creatures: they carried torches or burning candles around the house and stalls, and burned them with juniper smoke, to ward off evil spirits with bells ringing. And it was customary to blow up the Christmas horn. The horn blows over the well and the sound becomes louder. The trumpet was blown whole night at Christmas time – from Christmas Eve to baptism. In such dark night, the loud sounds of the house-makers could often be heard, quietly moving away in the cold air.


Christmas day In Belgium celebrations continue until the second day. People usually celebrate this day by attending theaters, parties, concerts, or meeting friends in a cafe or restaurant.