Brazil independence day

Brazil independence day

Brazil celebrates its Independence Day 2022 every year on September 7. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in Brazil.

Independence Day 2022 = 7 September 2022


The desire to defend political freedom emerged in Brazil during the colonial era in the early 18th century. Portugal was the dominant party at that time while England was the main consumer of those goods that are produced in the Portuguese colony.


Napoleon decided to launch a war of conquest against Portugal in 1908, which resulted in the migration of the Portuguese King Don João VI to Rio de Janeiro with his court. The colonial status of Brazil was already abolished in 1815, and then it became part of Britain. Brazil Independence Day


King Don Joao VI was returned to Lisbon In 1821, but he left his heir in Rio de Janeiro, who demonstrate the independence of Brazil as an empire on September 7, 1822.


This is when Brazil became an empire which is handled by Don Pedro I, who was the heir to the Portuguese the same time. Then September 7 is officially a national holiday in Brazil (Brazil Independence Day).


A festive parade is held In the capital of the country  (the city of Brasilia) which is headed by the president of the country Brazil Independence Day.