New Year in Hungary

New Year in Hungary


Hungarians usually celebrate the upcoming New Year on 1 January every year and it is considered as a national holiday.

New Year  1 Jan  2022

The New Year’s holiday is often called simply Sylvester because According to the Catholic calendar, December 31 is St. Sylvester’s day.


Many shops and street tents sell a variety of pipes and horns all night because it is customary to spend the festive night by making a lot of noise or by having fun on New Year. Hot pork sausages are very popular among the celebrants that’s why people usually sold them till late at night on new year event.


A roasted pig is always served on the festive table for those who want to celebrate new year at home. And they do not serve birds or fish on this occasion, because they belief that happiness can sail away or fly away on new year.