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Daily Horoscope in Urdu. The question of why a horoscope is needed, what is its meaning is seen as simple only after it becomes clear what we mean by the concept of “horoscope”. Most people get their first impression of astrology from the entertainment columns in newspapers or magazines. For some, this is the first impression and remains the last. The reason for this is not only that a person does not have enough time or curiosity to find additional information. The fact is that even at the stage of studying at school, in history or astronomy textbooks, information that one or another famous scientist studied astrology was blacked out or presented in a distorted light Daily Horoscope in Urdu. The day will be favorable, calm and fruitful. You can return to some old tasks and cases that could not be completed for a long time. Today, many things will work out well for those who persevere and do not back down in the face of the very first difficulties. There will be a chance to strengthen business ties, improve relations with colleagues and management via the Daily Horoscope in Urdu. Enjoy communication with loved ones. Both meetings with friends and romantic dates will give a lot of pleasant impressions Daily Horoscope in Urdu. Children and parents will not quarrel with each other, they will quickly agree on joint actions and common plans. A lot of information reaches us that in the 17th and 18th centuries there was a surge of interest in newspaper astrology. This coincided with the fact that the authority of astrology fell under the influence of the latest scientific discoveries of that time. Scientists appeared who boldly criticized astrology, which until that time had been taught in universities. If a person only knows the date of his birth, then the following mathematics is included: on Earth, approximately 21 people are born and 18 die in a second. Daily Horoscope in Urdu Therefore, about 21 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 1 million 814 thousand 400 people are born per day. The forecast of 1.8 million at once is also popular, although its accuracy is already noticeably higher than in the case of the forecast for the zodiac sign. Only knowledge of the time of day and place of birth can individualize the Daily Horoscope in Urdu.