Labor Day 2022 in Belgium

Labor Day 2022 in Belgium

Like many other countries Belgium also celebrates labor day 2022 on May 1st.

Labor Day 2022 = 1 May 2022

In 1886, American workers went on strike a strike for demanding an eight-hour day (Labor Day 2022). This protest and accompanying demonstration lasted with a bloody conflict between workers and the police.


In July 1889, the Paris Congress organize an event on May 1st just to remember the action of the workers of Chicago. In 1890, the international solidarity day of workers was celebrated for the first time in Austria-Hungary, Spain, Italy, USA, , Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Sweden and many other countries Labor Day 2022.


Labor Day was considered as a symbol of the revolution, the irreconcilable class struggle. Many countries in the world celebrates this day as a national holiday of Labor Day 2022.