Father’s Day 2022 in Belgium

Father’s Day 2022 in Belgium

Belgium celebrates Father’s Day 2022 every year on the second Sunday in June.

Father’s Day 2022 = 12 June 2022

In the 20th century, People started celebrating this holiday – in parallel with Mother’s Day. The main purpose behind celebrating this day is to emphasize the role of father in raising the child and turn him into a new personality.


There are many concepts about the beginning of this holiday. Mrs. Dodd (John B. Dodd), was an American lady, whose father is a Civil War veteran. This idea of ​​​​celebrating Father’s day is actually belongs to him. He raised six children alone.

According to Mrs. Dodd, this holiday is dedicated to all fathers (Father’s Day 2022). That’s why the third Sunday of June was approved as the official holiday for father’s day in the United States. Nowadays Father’s Day is celebrated in most of the countries of the world. This holiday is actually a tribute to all fathers.


In Belgium, many charitable and educational events are held on this day just to help single fathers. girls and women give their fathers and other close men in their lives – grandfathers, uncles, brothers, husbands – small gifts – chocolate, homemade postcards, flowers. By the way, the color of the bouquet also matters – it is customary to give red roses if the father is alive (Father’s Day 2022), and to decorate the grave of a deceased man with white roses.

Girls and women give small gifts such as chocolates, homemade postcards and flowers to their fathers and other close men in their lives such as grandparents, uncles, brothers, husbands etc.