Teacher’s Day 2022 in Azerbaijan

Teacher’s Day 2022 in Azerbaijan

On October 5, every year in Azerbaijan, as well as around the world, an important holiday is celebrated – Teacher’s Day.


Teacher’s Day = 5 Oct 2022


In 1966, on this day, UNESCO signed recommendations to improve the status of teachers. Now in more than hundred countries around the world October 5 is celebrated as World Teachers’ Day.


Every year Teacher’s Day is celebrated on a larger scale in Azerbaijan. On this day, many festive events take place Teacher’s Day.



As you know, the development of society at any historical stage directly depends on the development and level of education, the correct assessment of its significance for the people and country. And in the modern world, education is becoming a decisive factor in the development of human resources, science and technology. Teacher’s Day

Therefore, every country has given great attention to education. And Azerbaijan is also working for the betterment of education system.