Women’s Day 2022 in Azerbaijan

Women’s Day 2022 in Azerbaijan

On March 8, People of Azerbaijan celebrates a public holiday – Women’s Day .


Women’s Day – 8 March 2022


This holiday was introduced in 1910 by the German lady named Clara Zetkin. According to her plan, International Women’s Day was to become the day of the struggle of women of all countries for their basic rights.


Now, March 8 is considered a non-working day in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and many other countries Women’s Day.


Long ago, this holiday has lost its political overtones, and now is celebrated just as a holiday of Spring Women’s Day,.


It is not worth arguing about who should stand at the kitchen stove on this day, and who should watch TV. It’s great if on this day men decide to show their culinary skills (it is known that the best chefs are still men!). But the real mistress never wants to leave the kitchen unattended even on Women’s Day.