Valentine’s Day in Argentina

Valentine’s Day in Argentina


Like many countries around the world, Argentina also celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Officially, this holiday has been celebrated in other countries for more than 16 centuries, but in Argentina the celebrations of this holidays of Love (Valentine’s Day) have started in the time of ancient pagan cultures. For example, in mid-February Romans celebrate Lupercalia – a festival of eroticism in honor of the goddess of love, Juno Februata. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day = 14 Feb 2022

Basically, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the 13th century in Western Europe on a large scale, and in 18th century in the countries of South and North America. Valentine’s Day


This is a real holiday of the soulmates when they send “valentines” – cards and gifts to everyone they love. On this day, they honor the most beloved person in their lives. In addition, couples give each other roses as a symbol of love, heart candies, and other souvenirs depicting hearts, kissing birds and, of course, the recognized symbol of Valentine’s Day – the little winged angel Cupid.