What is Control Structure?

What is Control Structure?

A control structure is a statement used to control flow of execution in a program or function. Control structure is used to combine individual instructions in to a single logical unit. This unit has one entry point and one exit point. Program logic is implemented with the help of control structures. Three kinds of control structures are used to control flow of execution of instructions. These are as follow:

Sequence structure
Selection structure
Repetition structure




I cannot express myself otherwise. I call limited reading the book itself, without anylinks with other sources. Extended reading is the study of a book in the context of other books related to it in general meaning. Sometimes these are just reference books, for example, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs. Sometimes – secondary books, that is, useful comments and digests. Sometimes great books become contextual. In addition, such reading is often aided by relevant experiences that we turn to in order to understand the book. It can be both laboratory and life, acquired daily. Limited and extended reading are usually combined in the actual process of understanding or even criticizing the same book.

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Everything I’ve said about the ability to read related books, especially when it comes to great books. In my lectures on education, I often refer to them. Usually, after that, listeners write to me with a request to provide them with a list of such books. I recommend using the list published by the American Library Association as Western Classics or the list published at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. Later, my listeners report that reading these books is extremely difficult for them. The excitement that prompted them to find this list and start reading is often replaced by a hopeless feeling of powerlessness.

There are two reasons for this. The first, of course, is that they cannot read correctly. But that’s not all. The second reason lies in the conceit of the readers – they are convinced that they can understand the first book they choose without studying others closely related to it.

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