What is a String?

What is a String?

A collection of character enclosed in double quotations is called a string. The variable that is used to store a string is called string variable. C language does not provide any special data type to store string. As string is a combination of characters, a char array is used to store string.



[…] First of all, you must assimilate what is offered as knowledge. Then you need to decide if this knowledge is acceptable to you. In other words, the first challenge is to understand the book, and the second is to be critical of it . In the future, you will more than once make sure that they differ significantly.

The process of understanding can also be divided into components. To understand a book, you first need to learn to perceive it as a structured whole, and then as an object with a complex of linguistic and semantic units.
Thus, there are three different ways of reading.

Please note that the parts that you highlighted as a result of analyzing the whole on the first reading do not necessarily coincide with those parts from which you will form a holistic view on the second reading. In the first case, they will become a complex of factors that characterize the author’s attitude to the subject or problem. In the second, they will turn out to be terms, judgments and syllogisms, that is, the thoughts, statements and arguments of the author.


Understanding the author’s position always precedes criticism or evaluation of his text.


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