What is a Function?

What is a Function?

In structured programming the program consists of more than more one part. Each part of program is called a module or function. Every function is given a unique name and it is developed to perform a specific task. So function can be defined as ” A named piece of code developed to perform a specific task is called function”



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But one more difficulty remains. To be able to read a book in three ways is not enough – it is important to learn how to read several related books in order to master any of them qualitatively. I am not saying that one should learn to “”process”” any combination of books in a quality manner. We are talking only about interconnected books that are united by a common meaning or deal with the same problems. If you do not know how to read such books “”interconnected””, then you probably will not be able to master any of them properly. The authors express the same idea, agree with each other or argue, but where is the guarantee that you understand at least one of them, without seeing coincidences and differences in their opinions?

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This is where the distinction between restricted and extended reading needs to be captured. I hope these words will not mislead you. They were probably trying to read The Federalist Papers, ignoring the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Or intend to read it all without thinking [French writer, philosopher and jurist Charles-Louis] Montesquieu “”On the Spirit of Laws””, “”Social Contract”” [French writer, thinker, composer Jean-Jacques] Rousseau or John Locke’s essay on civil government❓…


The greatest books often combine two basic dimensions of literature. Plato’s dialogue “”Republic””❓must be read simultaneously as a play and as an intellectual conversation. Dante’s Divine Comedy is not only a brilliant poem, but also a serious philosophical study. Knowledge cannot be conveyed without sensory and creative accompaniment; and feelings and images are invariably permeated with thought.

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