What are Parameters?

What are Parameters?

Parameters are also called arguments. These are the values that are provided to a function when it is called. when function is called parameters are written after function name in parenthesis. These parameters can be variables or constants. More than one parameter is separated by comma.



Critics, not readers
I have met quite a few “”readers”” who started with the third method, sometimes ignoring the first and second ones altogether. They took a book in their hands and soon already confidently told what was wrong with it. They were simply bursting with a sense of their own importance, and therefore the book in their arsenal became just an excuse for narcissism. These people can hardly be called readers. Rather, it would be more correct to rank them among those who consider the conversation a reason for self-affirmation and a monologue. There is no point in talking to these people, and usually you shouldn’t listen to them either.
The first two ways of reading can be combined as they are aimed at understanding the book. The third is distinguished by the fact that it involves criticism after the understanding has taken place. Nevertheless, combining the first two methods leaves the reader with the ability to identify and separate them at any time, which is very important. You can test your way of reading by breaking down the whole process into its components. You may need to revisit it – step by step, although by this time it will be perceived as a whole, since the reading process will become a habit.

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In this regard, it is important to remember that different rules always remain autonomous, even when in your understanding the boundaries between them are blurred, forming a single complex skill. Failure to address each of these rules separately will interfere with the reading process as a whole. So, an English teacher, checking a student’s work and explaining his notes, always indicates a violation of a particular rule. At the same time, the student must remember all the rules, but at the same time, the teacher does not want his student to check their complete list at every step. He wants the student to become a habit of writing well, so that rules become an integral part of his intellectual baggage. The same goes for reading.

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