What is Pointer?

What is Pointer?

Variable are named memory locations used to store data. Different types of variable can store different types of data. Pointer is a special type of variable. It is not used to store data. It is used to store memory address used by another variable. Like variable, there are different types of pointers. The type of pointer should match the type of variable whose address it is holding




The first way is structural or analytical. In this case, the reader moves from the whole to the particular.

II. The second way is interpretive or synthetic. Here the reader moves from the particular to the whole.

III. The third way is critical or evaluative. The reader evaluates the author and decides if he agrees with his point of view.

Each of the three main methods involves performing several actions, which means that it takes into account several rules. Three rules of the second way of reading: 1) discover and interpret the most important words in the book; 2) do the same with the most important sentences , and 3) do the same with the paragraphs containing the main points. The fourth – and last – rule is: you need to find out which problems the author solved in this book, and which ones he did not cope with.

To read a particular text in the first way, you must: 1) know what kind of book you are reading, that is, understand its main subject. Next, you need to realize: 2) what is the main meaning of the book; 3) what semantic or structural parts it is subdivided into, and 4) what basic problems the author seeks to solve. This method also contains four steps and four rules.

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