What is ER Diagram?

What is ER Diagram?

ER stands for entity relationship diagram. E-R diagram is a specialized graphic that illustrates the interrelationships between entities in a database. ER diagram ften use symbols to represent three different types of information.



How else can you help yourself in learning languages?
Science gives an unexpected answer to this question: make music! Previously, it was believed that the ability for language and music is completely unrelated, because the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the former, and the right hemisphere for the latter. But later, scientists found out that these zones are connected by many neural connections. Especially when it comes to tonal languages such as Chinese or Vietnamese.

Moreover, the musicians turned out to be generally more capable of languages. Even those who studied music in childhood and abandoned it long ago. Moreover, phonological competence, which is associated with the ability to distinguish between tone and other musical skills, helps not only to distinguish between foreign phonemes and words by ear – it directly affects reading and writing skills. That is, playing the guitar or piano can make it easier to pass exams like TOEFL or IELTS.”
“Learning, not fun: how to read books as efficiently as possible

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American philosopher Mortimer Adler believed that learning to read is not an easy task that requires patience, rigor and lack of vanity (reading a book for the sake of a photo on Instagram is not immediately). First, you need to determine what problems the author seeks to solve, then find out exactly how he does it, and only then move on to criticism and subjective assessments. T&P publishes an excerpt from Adler’s Reading Guide – on how to learn to read nonfiction.


Source: ilbusca / istockphoto.com
Source: ilbusca / istockphoto.com


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