What is Global Variable?

What is Global Variable?

The variables that are declared outside the main() function or any other function are called global variable. Global variables are also called external variables. Global variables can be used by all functions in the program. All functions can share their value. If value of a global variable is changes in a function, that changes value is also available in other functions.



The third way of reading also involves certain steps. There are several general rules for forming a critical opinion and four important actions associated with them. The rules for the third way of reading explain what to look for. […]

Knowing what is the meaning of the book as a whole and what its main components are, it is always easier to highlight the main terms and statements. If you were able to understand the key points and argumentation of the author, it will be easier for you to identify the meaning of his words and the main structural units.

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In the first way of reading, at the very beginning it is necessary to identify the problem or problems that the author is trying to solve. The last step in the second way of reading should be understanding whether the author has solved his problems and to which questions he managed to find answers. You can see that these methods are closely interconnected and at the final stage are combined.

As you develop the skill, you will learn to read in two ways at the same time. The better you do it, the more one way will facilitate the application of the other. But the third way can never accompany the other two. Even the most experienced reader has to somehow separate the first two and the third.

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