What is Yellow Journalism?

What is Yellow Journalism?

Yellow journalism and yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate, well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.



In addition to employment activities, labor exchanges provide services to persons wishing to change jobs, study the demand and supply of labor, collect and disseminate information on the level of employment in relation to certain professions and regions. According to the existing laws of most countries, all vacancies at enterprises must be registered on local stock exchanges. Labor exchanges provide material support for workers in the event of involuntary unemployment. In the former USSR, the labor exchange existed until the 30s. and was closed in connection with the declaration on the complete elimination of unemployment in the USSR.

Is the state credit system an element of the market infrastructure?
The credit system acts as an element of the market infrastructure. It includes banks, insurance companies, union foundations and any other organization with the right to do business. The credit system includes everyone who is able to mobilize temporarily free funds, turn them into loans, and then into capital investments. The core of the credit system is the banking system. It includes central (state), commercial (accepting deposits and converting them into credit), mortgage (giving money secured by real estate), innovative (lending to the development of technological innovations) and investment (specializing in financing and long-term lending to various enterprises and the whole industries) banks.

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