What is State in Political Science?

What is State in Political Science?

In political science, the word state means a community or society politically organized under one independent government within a definite territory and subject to no outside control.



Corporate is a form of political regime that appears in societies with established social and economic pluralism (what is this?) . It differs in the minimal influence of ideology on political decision-making, since priority is given to the implementation of the corporate interests of certain groups of society (economic, territorial, religious and others). Examples are the Salazar regime in Portugal and Franco in Spain.
Sultanistic – is considered one of the extreme forms of autocracy (monopoly control of power by the ruler). Typical signs: low political mobilization and pluralism, lack of ideology, as well as the omnipotence of the ruler. Examples are the regime of F. Marcos in the Philippines, Suharto in Indonesia or S. Hussein in Iraq.
Racial quasi – democracy – on formal grounds (participation in the government of some ethnic minority) is similar to democracy. However, most of this category of the population is completely excluded from participation in politics, often in a violent way. A striking example is the apartheid regime in South Africa.
Pre – totalitarian – is established in countries that have had experience of living in a democracy, after the seizure of power by fascist forces. Unlike classical totalitarian regimes, the ruling group here was unable to absolutize power, so the key social institutions (army, church, production) have sufficient autonomy.
In a number of countries, there is social uncertainty associated with the expectation of further development of the political situation in the direction of totalitarianism or democratic changes.

Democracy .
Representative – associated with the delegation of power to representative bodies elected by the population. At the same time, the people remain the main source of power.

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