What is Information?

What is Information?

Information is processed, organised and structured data. It provides context for data and enables decision making process. For example, a single customer’s sale at a restaurant is data – this becomes information when the business is able to identify the most popular or least popular dish.




On the other hand, the “”camp”” of supporters of the traditional form factor and carrier for books is not diminishing. Paper and screen differ not only in terms of tactile properties (which Internet users love to joke about). These are two fundamentally different media channels. Yes, the interactive and additional data (music, audio, notes, and visuals) available for eBooks are not available for print. But a printed book is non-volatile and does not require a specific platform, content distribution service or gadget configuration for reading. The connection between the form factor and the essence of the book risks remaining unchanged even more than 550 years after the invention of printing.It’s not about the smell and rustle of paper pages, but about how convenient / inconvenient it is for specific people to perceive and process information presented in the form of an electronic book or in the form of a printed collection.

The debate between proponents and opponents of e-books is not just a battle between “old” and “new,” but a dispute between two different categories of consumers.

Research . Mostly used by writers, academics, and creative professionals. At the same time, you read several books at the same time on the same topic in search of confirmation or refutation of your own theories on this issue. This is a rather specific way of reading, which is more related to work, rather than hobbies or pleasure.
Next, we will dwell in more detail on the second and third type of reading as the most relevant and useful skills. Because elementary reading is probably already familiar to you, since you are reading these lines, and exploratory reading is a rather specific type of activity that will interest few.

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