What Does a Journalist Do?

What Does a Journalist Do?

Journalists research, write, edit, proofread and file news stories, features and articles. Their pieces are used on television and radio or within magazines, journals and newspapers, in print and online. Most jobs require a qualification accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).



On the commodity exchanges, on behalf of their clients, transactions are concluded by intermediary brokers. These can be both highly qualified specialists and brokerage firms registered on stock exchanges and representing the interests of their clients. The broker’s source of income is the commission stipulated in the charter of the respective firm. The subjects of the commodity exchange are also dealers – trading participants who carry out exchange transactions on their own behalf and at their own expense.

Mainly two types of securities are traded on the stock exchange: 1) shares of enterprises, companies, firms; 2) bonds issued by the government of the country, local governments, utilities, as well as private companies. The purchase and sale of securities on the stock exchange is based on their exchange rate, which fluctuates depending on the ratio between supply and demand. The real market prices for shares and bonds of certain companies are determined on the stock exchange. These prices depend on the level of the loan interest and the amount of dividends and interest paid to their holders. Obtaining a high income (profit) on the stock exchange based on the exchange rate difference of securities in exchange practice is called exchange speculation. Market prices for securities are regularly updated taking into account changes in supply and demand, volume of orders and incoming financial information. The largest stock exchanges in the world are stock exchanges in New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt am Main, Paris. In Ukraine, the process of creating a stock exchange has just begun. It will receive its development with the further formation of the securities market and the privatization of state property.

The modern stock exchange is a super-powerful computer center that has operational communications almost all over the world. All transactions are entered into the memory of the machine, thanks to which market information is disseminated in a matter of seconds.

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