Asma Abbas Biography Age Height and Weight

Asma Abbas Biography

Pakistani singer and movie actress. Sister model Bushra Ansari and mother of actress Zara Nur Abbas . Asma Abbas is known in Pakistan as a performer of traditional Hindi songs.

Asma Abbas Biography

In 2018, she tried herself as a film actress and played in the comedy directed by Ansan Rahim “Teefa in Trouble”, which entered the foreign film market. Ali Zafar , Maya Ali ,  Faisal Qureshi ,  Javid Sheikh ,  Salman Bokhari ,  Mehmood Aslam ,  and others also starred in the film .

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Filmography of Asma Abbas TEFA Troubles (2018) Teefa in Trouble Maan Jao Naa (2018)


Asma Abbas Date of Birth

August 15, 1958


Asma Abbas Age

61 Years


Asma Abbas Height and Weight



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Asma Abbas Biography

Asma Abbas Biography

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