Zara Noor Abbas Biography Age Height and Weight

Zara Noor Abbas Biography

The actress name is Zara Noor Abbas, not only an actress but a model also. Her’s mother whose name is Asma Abbas is also a big name in showbiz industry. She has a family with a place where many women on her mother’s side are involved in showbiz.

Zara Noor Abbas Biography

Showbiz industry career of Zara Noor Abbas had began when she separated from her first husband. She constantly needed to be an actress but in the other hand, her parents didn’t allow her. Zara Noor Abbas got married in her younger age. She got married only as she expect that her husband would encourage him to for her showbiz career. But after some time, Zara realized that she had not choose the right person that’s why she returned to Pakistan from foreign and got divorced from her husband.

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Now Zara upcoming marriage with Asad Siddiqui, who had been divorce once before received a lot of attention. They get to know each other and encourage each other constantly.


Zara Noor Abbas Date of Birth

May 22, 1990


Zara Noor Abbas Age

29 Years


Zara Noor Abbas Height and Weight

5′ 8″


Zara Noor Abbas New Images / Pic / Photos

Zara Noor Abbas Biography

Zara Noor Abbas Biography
Zara Noor Abbas Biography


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