Areeba Habib Biography Age Height and Weight

Areeba Habib Biography

Areeba Habib a Pakistani model. Areeba Habib gave a positive aspect to the style track but still gained popularity among the majority when she entered the world of the acting.

Areeba Habib Biography

Many people need to know why an influential model like Areeba, who could go ahead with his performance for the next few years, chose to set foot. She said that the launch team had met him separately 90 days earlier and finally selected him for the job. Areeba will not want to give up any pretension to play, she must go ahead with both while it occurs.


Areeba Habib is one of those models who try to make fun with Zara Noor Abbas. When it looks like it is bending in style, many people have no idea. Areeba made fun of Zara and uploaded the video to the social platform instagram. Zara Noor Abbas rejected the model in a pleasantly appreciated manner. Areeba Habib later apologized publicly.

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Continuing his show, Areeba also sent an important message to his fans. He said that it is not enough to have a beautiful face, but that the game involves a lot of work and passion. He added that a person can enter the area despite contact, so to stay in the area and be well known, you have to get tired.


Areeba Habib Date of Birth

May 1, 1993


Areeba Habib Age

26 Years


Areeba Habib Height and Weight



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Areeba Habib Biography Areeba Habib Biography

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