Alizeh Shah Biography Age Height and Weight

Alizeh Shah Biography

Alizeh Shah is a tremendous as well as famous Pakistani actress. She has started their showbiz career at the age of 6. At that time she worked in a company of Wasim Akram. Alizeh officially started work in late 2017. As you better know that her first play was Daldal.

Alizeh Shah Biography

Alizeh Shah is one of the those actors who has been chosen from the first moment by the audience as well as producers. At the same time, he has shown great appreciation for his brief career, and so far, some of the most rewarding endeavors have been astonishing.


She is full of certainty and she is also extraordinarily concentrated. She is known to have the most beautiful and passionate eyes. She loves daylight. At the same time, she believes that she is fearless and has a higher priority than anything else.

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Despite the fact that he started working in grapes at an early age, he has always received support from his family in general. These are not big names who have never had a hard time working with their families.


She is not married till now because she is too young as well as she is concentrated to make her career. Alizeh Shah is not only close to his father but her mom accompanies him in all the filming and so on.


His work at Ehd-e-Wafa was extraordinary compared to the other he has played so far. He also got a major job in the blockbuster movie Superstar.


Alizeh Shah Date of Birth

June 9, 2000


Alizeh Shah Age

19 Years


Alizeh Shah Height and Weight

5′ 0″


Alizeh Shah New Images / Pic / Photos

Alizeh Shah Biography Alizeh Shah Biography Alizeh Shah Biography


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