Which Car is Better to Buy: New or Used?

“The best car is a new one!”, Henry Ford once said. But he had his own commercial grounds for these words. Is it really bad car with mileage actually? Or maybe, on the contrary, buying a used car will be a practical acquisition? In what car to buy better – new or used – we will understand this article.

Which car is better to buy

Pros new cars
As a rule, the main drawback of a brand new car is its high price. “Expensive” pleasure manifests itself in the purchase price, and in the further costs of it. However, despite this, it attracts with its reliability and transparency of the transaction.

Let’s start with the benefits:

No car will be more reliable than a new one. Failures do not happen often – the main thing is to monitor the condition of the car and pass those in time. service. Spare parts without a scratch, and, importantly, they are original (not some kind of fake). The machine is assembled at the factory, and the factory assembly is considered the most durable. It is valued more than any repair, because it is made strictly according to the instructions and does not allow errors.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee. This means that in the event of a marriage, you have the opportunity to request a free repair, replacement of a car, or even a refund of your money.
Costs are predictable. Even if the car is worth a lot, the cost of it can be calculated in advance. The likelihood that it will break soon after purchase is not great.

The transparency of the transaction. Trouble with stolen, wrecked or secured cars is not your story. The documents from the new car and a mosquito do not miss the nose.

Options for your taste. You can choose the color, trim, additional comfort options, etc. And if the desired model is not available, then it can be ordered and redeemed later.

First maintenance after 3 years. Then after two, and then annually. That is, you temporarily protect yourself from unnecessary worries.

A significant advantage of buying a new car is to easily get a loan. Banks always support loans for new cars. They usually refuse to lend to the purchase of used cars, but if a positive response happens, the interest rate increases significantly.

Cons of the new Car
Cons of such a purchase is much less than the pros. However, for many buyers, they are important:

Price. Cars from the cabin is more expensive than second-hand. At the same time, in the first year after purchase, it depreciates by about 15% (premium cars – by 25%).

High maintenance costs. To ensure that the car is not removed from the warranty, it must be regularly serviced at a service center. And it costs a much larger amount than in any other service station.

No changes. One of the conditions of guarantees for a new car is that it cannot be tuned. Therefore, fans of “pumping” cars choose used models that are cheaper and are available for innovation.
Also, many people call a lack of a new car the fact that it should be treated carefully. Like, just from the factory, sorry to scratch, etc. However, this moment is doubtful, because any vehicle should be treated carefully.

Used car: the benefits
In fact, a used car attracts only with a “good” price. After all, everyone buys a car afford. And if you know how best to choose a used car, then it will not bring you any problems in the future.

What other advantages could be in this:

Expensive models are available at an affordable price. If you can’t afford a new car with a cool bundle, then it is much easier to purchase the same car at the age of 5-6 years.

No need to pay extra for equipment. All the necessary additional options already, as a rule, sets the previous owner. And if one of them is missing, for example, a radio tape recorder, then this is an excellent reason to bargain.

No need to run in. After buying a new car, it is necessary to drive the first 2-3 thousand kilometers neatly, without loading the engine and limiting the speed so as not to reduce the engine resources. Used car break-in is useless.

And yet, after buying a used car from auction, save some money in case of a sudden breakdown. No one is insured against this risk.

Cons cars with mileage

Disadvantages of used cars can be significant if you do not pay attention to the purchase:

You are risking. And for sure then drink champagne, better check the used car before you buy it. Trouble can be different – cars in the loan, in the pledge, with restrictions or, worse, in the hijacking. But any of them can take away your nerves, money and time.

Frequent breakdowns. Machines under the age of 3-5 years have high resources, but since the age of six, breakdowns begin to haunt the owner at every turn.

The cost of repairs. Based on the preceding paragraph, permanent breakdowns are accompanied by high costs. At the same time, the more expensive the car initially cost, the higher the price of its repair.

Yes, with all the advantages of a car can cost a lot of money. But we have not yet said that the fuel consumption of a worn out engine is 10% more, and the waste of oil is higher.

A new car will last a long time if you are careful and attentive with it. But in the first few years it will fall significantly in price, which means it will cost you a considerable amount. So, when to buy a new car:

You have enough money for car maintenance;
You need reliable cars and predictable costs for it;
The model that is available to you in a new form suits you;
You want to use the car for more than 3 years.

At least one of these points suits you? So a new car is for you, and there is no point in doubting. If you’re still not sure which car to choose, then let’s think about when to buy a used car:

Prefer a prestigious car reliable;
Want to buy a car that is not available to you in a new form;
You know all the nuances of buying a used car;
We are sure that the seller of the used car will not deceive you;

Do not need a warranty and plan to carry out maintenance in the desired service centers.
Of course, for training it is better to buy a used car to gain driving skills. If an accident happens, it will not be as pitiful as a new one.

If you regularly change cars, you need a safe, prestigious and comfortable car, but finance for a new car is not enough – a used car up to 5 years old is your option.

Quality, reliability and projected costs in priority? Would you like to drive a car and not remember when the hood was last opened? Plus, you can financially afford the desired model – go ahead for the new “swallow”!

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