Inter 1st 2nd Year Result 2022 Agha Khan Board

Inter 1st 2nd Year Result 2022 Agha Khan Board

Welcome to readers students parents as well as the teachers to our page. We have gathered here for getting Inter 1st 2nd Year Result 2020 Agha Khan Board information which we also have shared on the page above. You can find it out above and search for your Inter 1st 2nd Year Result 2022 Agha Khan Board. If you are not able to find your Inter 1st 2nd Year Result 2022 Agha Khan Board above than i think the result has not been announced. So wait for it and stay with us. Work without the help of tutors is a real test, because a graduate has to deal with very difficult issues himself. That’s why it’s better to go to the training centers, where qualified teachers will help, help, direct and explain material that the school teachers couldn’t explain well.

Learning techniques: Why learning is sometimes so difficult
For hours you sit in front of the desk or in the library, look at documents, leaf through documents, try to understand explanations and save knowledge – only to find that you have forgotten most of it the next day. An incredibly frustrating feeling when progress does not materialise and you are instead faced with the same tasks that you cannot solve the fifth time, even though you have learned it so many times.

Even worse when a classmate or fellow student is sitting next door to whom everything seems to be flowing towards them. A glance at the transcripts seems to be enough for him and he already has everything in his head that is needed for the solution. And of course, he can still remember it days and weeks later, while you yourself feel that with each piece of new information you read, you delete existing knowledge elsewhere .

While this is an explanation of why it is more difficult for you to learn, there are other factors besides individual speed that can make it difficult for you to keep something.

You don’t think long term
Everyone has heard before: You learn for life, not for school … There is a lot of truth in this, but it is often ignored and ignored. Instead, only the exam is considered. The main thing is to pass with the best possible grade, after that what you have learned will no longer be needed anyway.

However, it is precisely this thinking that makes it difficult, since the Zeigarnik effect means that we better remember things that have not yet been completed. With the attitude that you will need the knowledge for a long time, it stays in your memory better and longer than if you only think until the next exam.

And in my last words on this page, I wants to say with you guys that you can get or view very easily the information of the results of others boards of all Pakistan like the result of KPK Boards, Sindh Board and Balochestan & AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir) Board etc. Because I have included the links of other boards of Pakistan below. I mean to say that if you want to get or view the information of the result of your relative or any other friend who live in another province of pakistan. So you can easily get his result’s information from here.

Punjab Boards:

BISE Lahore Matric Result & Lahore Board Inter Result,

BISE Gujranwala Matric Result & Gujranwala Board Inter Result,

BISE Multan Matric Result & Multan Board Inter Result,

BISE Faisalabad Matric Result, & Faisalabad Board Inter Result,

BISE Sargodha Matric Result, & Sargodha Board Inter Result,

BISE Rawalpindi Matric Result, & Rawalpindi Board Inter Result,

BISE Bahawalpur Matric Result & Bahawalpur Board Inter Result,

BISE DG Khan Matric Result & DG Khan Board Inter Result,

BISE Sahiwal Matric Result & Sahiwal Board Inter Result,

FBISE Federal Board Matric Result & FBISE Federal Board Inter Result

KPK Boards:

BISE Peshawar Matric Result & Peshawar Board Inter Result,

BISE Kohat Matric Result & Kohat Board Inter Result,

BISE Swat Matric Result & Swat Board Inter Result,

BISE Abbottabad Matric Result & Abbottabad Board Inter Result,

BISE Bannu Matric Result & Bannu Board Inter Result,

BISE Mardan Matric Result & Mardan Board Inter Result,

BISE DI Khan Matric Result & DI Khan Board Inter Result,

Sindh Boards:

BISE Karachi Matric Result & Karachi Board Inter Result,

BISE Sukkur Matric Result & Sukkur Board Inter Result,

BISE Hyderabad Matric Result & Hyderabad Board Inter Result,

BISE Larkana Matric Result & Larkana Board Inter Result,

BISE Agha Khan Matric Result

Balochistan & AJK Boards:

BISE Quetta Matric Result & Quetta Board Inter Result,

BISE AJK Matric Result & AJK Board Inter Result


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