Islamia University Results 2021

Islamia University Results 2021

We only suggest you the guys, Work with a learning plan in which you reserve fixed periods for certain subject blocks. So you don’t get under pressure. At the same time, you can better divide the material up to the exam and also have the certainty that you have learned everything important for it. This is the best way to get good marks. Anyways, we have shared the Result above which you can check there. Mistakes help with learning even more
If you really want to learn and understand sustainably, you should start with the lessons and exercises as early as possible – without pressure. Errors cannot occur here, they are even desirable because we learn a lot from them.

A study by the University of Toronto , for example, showed that the test subjects actually learned better when they made some wrong assumptions when they were buffalo – and of course later recognized them.

However, this positive learning effect only occurs with one restriction: If the learners were clearly wrong with their assumptions, there was no effect; However, if the assumptions were close to the truth, the quality of learning and later learning success also increased .

You can easily use the knowledge of this:

Work on your topics in study groups . So you have to reflect and explain the learned material in front of the group again and again – this quickly leads to wrong conclusions. At the same time, it serves to control learning: only when you can explain something to others have you really understood and learned it. Set the priorities before starting the studies. Next, set priorities, that is: determine which topics are particularly extensive and therefore require more time. Sometimes it can also be that certain content is difficult for you – even then you should plan accordingly.

You weight these subjects according to effort or degree of severity. Topics that are easier for you or whose contents are largely in your memory can take less time. You can take a back seat on your priority list.

And, Guys below we have also shared the results links of other universities. Because we know the dificulty of a student when he is searching for his result and he could not find his result and he found himself in great trouble. So guys dont worry because now you can easily check the results of any university related class from here:

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