Punjab University Results 2022

Punjab University Results 2022

Numerous studies show that the performance of some schoolchildren is restricted in the morning and that effective learning is out of the question. The opposite is true for outspoken morning people who are in top shape shortly after getting up, but can hardly record anything new in the evening. Anyways, let’s come to the point that is the Result which are searching or try to find in this page. We have shared it above on this page, where you can check your Result.

Recognise exam anxiety
Not every bout of nervousness is a serious exam fear. However, there are symptoms that indicate test anxiety and should be taken seriously – especially when they come back.

Symptoms of exam anxiety
Thought blocks or blackout during an exam
massive impairment of learning before the exam
Use of avoidance and repression strategies: for example, postponing or cancelling the exam date, postponing learning
psychosomatic disorders such as sleep disorders, rapid heartbeat, sweating, nervous stomach / intestinal complaints, loss of appetite, nervous restlessness, debilitating fatigue or severe headache
Disorders of mental performance: difficulty concentrating, brooding, attention or memory disorders
Disorders of the mental state: depression, mood swings, irritability, insecurity, self-doubt. Who is afraid of exams?
The answer to this question is not easy to answer. In principle, fear of exams can affect everyone. Very few students officially acknowledge their fears and seek help from university social services. Many are embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit that they can no longer master their studies on their own. The number of unreported students suffering from exams is therefore high. Especially since the introduction of the Bachelor-Master system , the psychological services of the universities have seen an increase in those seeking help. The pressure on the students increases!

People who …

… tend to very high or excessive demands regarding their performance.

… tend towards strong, negative self-criticism.

… fear fear of failure rather than hope of success.

… pay close attention to their own feelings and reactions.

These tendencies and characteristics are persistent, but can be influenced. Students who are prone to one or more of these traits should learn to influence them so as not to become anxious about exams.

And, Guys below we have also shared the results links of other universities. Because we know the difficulty of a student when he is searching for his result and he could not find his result and he found himself in great trouble. So guys don’t worry because now you can easily check the results of any university related class from here:

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