Lahore Garrison University Results 2022

Lahore Garrison University Results 2022


Have you checked your Result above? Because we have shared it with you as we know that you have only landed or visited this page just to see the results. Which you can see above. If there is an issue on finding the results, you can contact us or first of all make sure the result is announced by the board or not. Panic just before the exam phase – The closer the exam phase approaches, the greater the stress on the examinees. Panic spreads at the latest on the last days before the exams . The feeling of not having learned enough overwhelms you.

You start blaming yourself: if I had started learning earlier or if I had to go through every session continuously during the semester. Exam preparation: creating the foundation
If you only sit at the desk in front of a mountain of study materials in the days before the exams and see no light at the end of the tunnel, you do not regret starting earlier. But what keeps you from getting started in time? In addition to the numerous activities and obligations, it is above all the lack of motivation. Learning and you can’t say otherwise is hard work . Working through presentation slides and scripts, memorising formulas and technical terms, solving old exams – all of this has little to do with fun. And because this is an open secret, it is difficult to get up, especially since the seductions that advise us against it are numerous. What can help you:

Visualize your goals.
Motivation is the drive to achieve a goal. There is always a motive behind it, i.e. an incentive that causes you to move towards a goal. Incidentally, the word motivation comes from moving – Latin. It is easier for you to understand what it means for you to pass the exam. What are you doing the whole thing for? What do you want to achieve?

Create the right learning environment.
Our working environment has been shown to influence our way of working. This was proven by the scientist Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota. She did various tests with students in tidy and messy offices. She found the following: Order promotes positive qualities such as generosity, selflessness and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it tends to take a traditional view. disarray promote creativity and help to leave familiar paths and leave rules behind. It also encourages people to free themselves from conventions and to develop new impulses. Vohs thus showed that both order and disorder have their benefits. It is also important that you feel comfortable in the place you have chosen to study.

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