Write Short Note on Spirogyra

Short Note on Spirogyra


  1. i) It is multicellular filamentous green alga.


  1. ii) It is found in fresh water ponds, lakes and streams.


iii) Filamentous thallus consists of many cylindrical cells which are joined from end to end to form long, unbranched filaments.


  1. iv) Each cell of spirogyra is usually twice as long as broad.


  1. v) Cell wall is made up of cellulose.


  1. vi) Near cell wall a large central cell sap filled vacuole is present.


vii) Nucleus is also present near vacuole.


viii) Pyrenoids are located in a row for storing starch.


  1. ix) It grows in length by cell division.


  1. x) It reproduces both sexually and asexually.


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