BA Optional Subjects & Elective Subjects List

BA Optional & Elective Subjects List


Guts PK sort out complete subjects list especially BA Optional Subjects and BA Elective Subjects for the easiness of students on choosing the right subjects.

Most universities keep copies of past exams in their libraries, or they can also be accessed from university websites available on the Internet. Instead of taking documents from the previous year and passing the papers of previous examinations year after year, it is a good practice to find questions on the same topic and to really prepare them well. Once you’ve covered the titles of an article, move on to the next article. That way, you not only prepare for important matters, but also understand the whole topic. This technique can be very helpful in preparing your exam.

One of the most important part of preparing for the exam is to pass the previous exam. The entire program must be reviewed immediately. They can give you a general overview of what’s to come, and you can easily guess important topics in a particular topic. Past exams allow you to estimate the number of questions and the options available. If you have an idea of the structure of the exam paper, the time to solve the test paper can be handled effectively. Therefore, students need to take some time to review the previous article while reviewing the article.

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BA Optional Subjects List for Punjab University

List of Optional Subjects for B.A

  1. Arabic (Language)
  2. Applied Psychology
  3. Astronomy
  4. Bengali
  5. Economics
  6. English Literature
  7. Fine Arts
  8. French
  9. Geography
  10. German
  11. History
  12. Home Economics
  13. Islamic Studies
  14. Italian
  15. Journalism
  16. Kashmiryat
  17. Library & Information Science
  18. Mathematics
  19. Music (Western and Eastern)
  20. Persian
  21. Philosophy
  22. Political Science
  23. Punjabi
  24. Russian
  25. Sindhi
  26. Social Work
  27. Sociology
  28. Spanish
  29. Statistics
  30. Turkish
  31. Urdu


BA Elective Subjects List for Punjab University

List of Elective Subjects For BA

  1. Arabic (Language)
  2. Applied Psychology
  3. Bengali
  4. Computer Studies
  5. Economics
  6. Education
  7. English Literature
  8. Essentials of Home Economics
  9. Fine Arts
  10. French
  11. Geography
  12. Geology
  13. German
  14. History
  15. Hindi
  16. Health & Physical Education
  17. Islamic Studies
  18. Italian
  19. International Relations
  20. Journalism
  21. Kashmiryat
  22. Library & Information Science
  23. Mathematics A Course
  24. Mathematics B Course
  25. Mathematics General
  26. Music (Western and Eastern)
  27. Persian
  28. Philosophy
  29. Political Science
  30. Punjabi
  31. Russian
  32. Social Work
  33. Sociology
  34. Spanish
  35. Statistics
  36. Turkish
  37. Urdu
  38. Women‟s Studies

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