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Line Served have a aim to share the Complete 2nd Year Books in PDF format and finally the time has come that we have shared 2nd Year Books or 12th Class Books or Inter Part 2 Books in PDF Format for Intermediate students including FSc Part 2 Books, ICS Part 2 books, I Com Part 2 Books as well as FA Part 2 Books which can be easily read and download by the users.

General foreign studies give the following figures: approximately 40% of those who have achieved financial success do not have higher education. The figure is pretty decent, but it also means that 60% got a “tower” … In Russia, the situation is even more fun: only 2% of wealthy people have not graduated.

But this is due to the fact that the vast majority of today’s millionaires and billionaires began their journey back in Soviet times, when education was necessary to advance on the social ladder … just like our students which are in second year books, I think that in the future the picture will become more similar to the global one.

Secondly , the research itself on the connection between education and financial success was done in the style of “British scientists.” It is impossible to draw conclusions based on isolated examples, and even the most successful ones. There are certain procedures to identify influencing factors that are simply ignored in studies of financial success. Emphasize that every word in English must have a vowel to learn quickly. Give students printed materials and ask them to circle the vowels in each word. It is not important that they understand what they are reading for this vowel search exercise. Make alphabet cards. Mix the game up and ask students to identify whether the letter they see is a vowel or a consonant. Also review the sound of the letter by asking them to repeat it. Repeat the phrase “A, E, I, I, O, U and sometimes Y” until it becomes a second natural response to students when asked to name the vowels.

Anyways, let’s come to the point that is 1st Year Books or 11th Class Books or Inter Part 1 Books in PDF Format for Intermediate students including FSc Part 2 Books, ICS Part 2 books, I Com Part 2 Books as well as FA Part 2 Books.


2nd Year / Second Year / FSc I Com ICS & FA Part 2 Books / 12th Class Books

Book Name
Download Book
☞ Urdu Book
☞ Pak Studies EngliBook
☞ Math Book
☞ Principles of Accounting Key Book
☞ Physics {English Medium} Book
☞ Chemistry Book
☞ Biology Book
☞ English Book 4 – Good Bye Mr Chips
☞ English Book 2 – Modern Prose and Heroes
☞ Pak Studies Urdu Book

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