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1st Year Books PDF


Class 11 Books PDF

Line Served have a aim to share the Complete 1st Year Books in PDF format and finally the time has come that we have shared 1st Year Books or 11th Class Books or Inter Part 1 Books in PDF Format for Intermediate students including FSc Books, ICS books, I Com Books as well as FA Books which can be easily read and download by the users. When teaching, the instructor should present complex ideas in an easy to understand manner. For example, he should explain math practices step by step and avoid jumping to the next step until the students are comfortable. The use of visual aids, such as graphics, video clips, and classroom demonstrations, increases student memory retention. The use of hands-on activities, such as games and group projects, is also conducive to learning. During each lesson, the instructor should explain why the information is relevant to students outside of the classroom. Students are more motivated to learn when they can personally apply the new knowledge.

Few of us have a kind of thoughts or trying, to prove the uselessness of higher education by their act, they usually resort to links to authorities: look at how many people have achieved success without having an education! Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Henry Ford, Richard Branson … All of them either did not study or dropped out of high schools. Unfortunately, no matter how long this list is, it does not prove anything.

Firstly, the list of successful people with higher education will be more authentic. If we are talking about finance, then the most successful investors had not just a higher education, but a higher financial education: Warren Buffett, George Soros, Peter Lynch. There are many similar people in the business world. Google is generally the thesis of Brin and Page. Who knows, if they left the university, we would still use the search from Yahoo …

Anyways, the main difference between a human and an animal is Perceptual Knowledge. So we should must concentrate on our studies. Let’s come to the point that is 1st Year Books or 11th Class Books or Inter Part 1 Books in PDF Format for Intermediate students including FSc Books, ICS books, I Com Books as well as FA Books.

1st Year / First Year FSc I Com ICS & FA Part 1 Books / 11th Class Books


Book Name
Download Book
☞ Urdu Book
☞ Islamiyat Book
☞ Math Book
☞ Principles of Accounting Key Book
☞ Physics {English Medium} Book
☞ Chemistry Book
☞ Biology Book
☞ English Book 3 – Plays and Poems
☞ English Book 1 – Short Stories
☞ Computer Science

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