Write Short Note on Peripheral Nervous System

Note on Peripheral Nervous System


The peripheral nervous system consists of three systems of nerves.


  1. i) Cranial nerves


Cranial nerves travel between brain and various organs without passing through the spinal cord. They are sensory, motor or mixed nerves. They are associate with responses.


  1. ii) The Sympathetic nerves


They form autonomic nervous system. They prepare the body for emergency situation.


iii) Parasymgathetic nerves


They form autonomic nervous system. They involve in eating, sexual activity and urination etc. Autonomic nervous system therefore regulates involuntary systems of the body automatically.


Reflex Arcs:


Reflax arc is regarded as the functional unit of nervous system. A reflex is an automatic response to stimuli. A nervous pathway which operates without having to wait for directions of brain is a reflex arc. These reflexes increase the efficiency of nervous system. For example if our hand touches with a very hot thing it pulls back ward without any further delay.


Importance of Reflexes:


  1. i) Reflexes are mechanism for maintaining appropriate posture.


  1. ii) Reflexes are responsible to regulate blood pressure.


iii) They keep the body as per environmental condition. Involuntary Actions:


  1. i) Involuntary action is an action, which is performed without any conscious effort.


  1. ii) These actions have adaptive values because these actions required to produce at once.


iii) For example when a person touches something very hot the hand is automatically withdrawn.


Voluntag Actions:


  1. i) Voluntary Action is an action, which is performed on the will of an organism e.g. walking, talking, playing etc.


  1. ii) In these actions stimuli may be conveyed to brain or spinal cord.


iii) The brain or spinal cord then analyze the information and send motor impulses to effectors.


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