Write Short Note on Heart Attack

Short Note on Heart Attack


Heart Attack is caused due to narrowing and thickening of arteries due to deposition of cholesterol, fibrin and cellular debris.




  1. i) Heart needs continuous energy and continuous supply of blood to work. If heart did not receive required energy and blood the cardiac muscles die and person leads to heart attack.


  1. ii) High level of cholesterol in blood can cause heart attack.


iii) Increased smoking and sedentary life style can cause heart attack.


  1. iv) The blood clot in arteries can also cause heart attack.




  1. i) If sufficient supply of blood to heart is increased then it can recover the damage of heart tissues.


  1. ii) Angina is a mild type of heart attack. In this disease person feels pain in chest and left arm and shoulder.


iii) Heart attack can be avoided by doing exercise daily and with proper dieting.


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