Write a Short Note on Flora

Short Note on Flora


Hilly region have snow fall and low temperature. They have thick forest of cedar, chir, chalghozah, olive, apple, plum ,peach and quuat etc.



Flora of Plains:


Plains are fertile. In areas where rainfall is low, they have desert environment and have trees of kikar, pilos, ber etc. Fertile plains have sheesham, cane, bamboo, and eucalyptus etc.





  1. i) These are source of timber.


  1. ii) These are source of many fruits.


iii) Hilly areas have natural meadows, which are used as fodder of cattle.


  1. iv) In watery places algae is source of food for aquatic animals as well as they provide oxygen to environment.


  1. v) Many plants are used as ornamental plants.


  1. vi) Our food nutrients are obtained. i.e. What, Maize, Barley, Garlic, Potatoes, Carrots, Turnips etc.


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