Write a Short Note on Fauna

Short Note on Fauna


Different kinds of animals present in a particular region are known as fauna.



Fauna of Oceans:


It contains animals like mussels, starfish, sea urchins, crabs, prawns, fishes, amphibians, turtles, whale, dolphins etc.



Fauna of Rivers:


It contains fish, frogs, tortise, turtles, snakes, crocodile etc.



Fauna of Plains:


It contains wild and domestic animals. Wild animals are lion, fox, bears, cheetahs, zebras, etc. Domestic animals are cow, goat, sheep, camel, buffalo etc.





  1. i) Some animals are used as food.


  1. ii) Some animals provide milk, wool, meat, butter etc.


iii) Some animals are used for transportation.


  1. iv) Some animals are used in agriculture.


  1. v) Some animals are used for riding.


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